LS Trader Update 23rd March

The missing trade from last week is now 2000 pips up which is just fantastic! – on a positive note again it shows the strength of the service.

I’m in 2 trades this week which are outside of my portfolio but, using the ‘staking under the minimum’ on IG Index i was able to enter. Currently running at about break even.

To give a bit more of an idea on how LS Trader works ,the portfolio’s are split up into a,b,c,d,e,f,g.  a has 12 markets to follow, b has more markets and so on with g covering all the chosen markets.  the portfolio you follow depends on the size of your starting bank – with the larger portfolios containing additional, more volatile markets.

Just checked another blog re this service and the profits he made over the last 10 weeks on this service were wiped out last week due to the US Government buying huge numbers of Treasury Bonds. This caused a massive rise in bond prices as well as a surge in a lot of other commodity prices stopping out quite a few of  the short trades he was in.

Has to be remembered though that similar things happend last years apparently & they finished 1508% up so now may be an ideal time to jump in!

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