Update on Winning Dow Signals Trial

Heres an update on how the WDS intra day trial is going in their own words.

Also a big thank you to those of you who have provided feedback on the 2nd week of the intra-day trial.  The results from those who have sent them in so far for last week range from 300 – 800 points (average 550).


We will also try to address below a couple of points that have been made by a few members during the week:


Our review at the end of the day shows the main moves that occurred (which would have netted at least 20 points profit).  The review does not include all possible 20 point moves (nor moves that could have made say 5 – 10 points profit each trade, which a lot of scalpers may use as targets).  The review also does not show losing trades.  The reason for this is trying to define what a losing trade is – some people will set their stops at a fixed number of points, others at H1 (for H2 trades) and others at recent support/resistance levels. 


Therefore a losing trade for one person may be a winning trade for another eg. one person has a 30 point stop and another 50 points, prices move 40 points against the position then turn around and move say 90 points the other way – that would be a 30 point loss for the first person but a 50 point profit for the second.  


The default settings of 30 profit and 30 loss for the trade alerts are used incase there is a problem when we send an exit e-mail – as you will have seen we move our stops up quite quickly and exit when we see resistance (however if if there is a problem with the e-mail system once we are in a trade the 30 profit, 30 stop provides some boundaries).    


The 7 trade alerts sent so far in the first 2 weeks of the trial have all been winners, generating 132 points profit.  However a number of members have expressed a desire to receive more frequent alerts, as we often have live sessions or days when no alerts are sent.  To this end for the whole of next week’s trial (starting Monday) we will endeavour to increase the number of alerts we send – as the number of trades we take increases so does the risk and there will be losers so please paper trade these (come the end of the week the feedback we receive from members will help us determine the type of alerts to send out in week 4 of the trial).


A number of you have also asked for an idea of what the price will be for the intra-day service should we decide to continue with it once the trial phase has ended.  However, it is very difficult to provide any figures as yet (suggestions from members are welcome)

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