Another great week for Winning Dow Signals

The ‘intra day’ signal service from WDS continues to go really well, again i only traded the email alerts which produced 92 pips if you followed exactly what they advised they’d done in  their email updates.  I’d take that every week.

The support & resistance email is harder to quantify as i didnt actually trade them but i did monitor how they were doing & can confirm that the winning trades were accurately recorded.   Basically these signals made a hell of a lot of pips.

My only gripe is that there were losing trades in there (max 30 pips) which arent recorded on the results email. Every day was still very profitable, even with the losers, but i still think they should include them to give the full picture.  I think this is more a time issue because the service does seem to be a lot of work for them.

Dow – No trades

FTSE – Short H1 12.40pm = up to 60 points


EUR/USD – No trades


Trade Alerts – No trades

Over the course of the week the 5 trade alerts we sent all won generating 92 points.

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