Winning Dow Signals confirm email ‘Alerts’ will continue.

On Friday I queried what had happend to the email alerts Winning Dow Signals were sending at the beginning of the week.  I’ve attached the response below – basically it looks like they will be sending both the email summary with support and resistance lines plus the alerts which, for me, is great new.

Already had a 10 pip winning one this morning in fact.

Hi Paul

We will be sending out the alerts as well from the beginning of next week alongside the intra-day price e-mail and commentary – hopefully by spending the past 2 days letting members know where to expect trades and providing commentary/answering questions when such trades are in progress members trading will become a lot more profitable.      


With regard to today’s results only 1 possible loser wit default settings (on the Dow around 8.15 as prices passed up through 6508 then fell to 6470).  We also missed out a trade on the EUR/USD around 4.15pm which coud have netted 50 points, so out of 11 possible trades, 10 winners, 1 loser.  


Kind regards



Winning Dow Signals


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