Continued success with Winning Dow Signals Intra Day Signals

Winning Dow Signals sent out the email ‘alerts’ as promised along with the email with the support & resistance guidelines. WDS divide the day up into sessions – 8am – 9.30am, 1.30pm – 3pm,  4pm – 5pm and 7pm – 8pm,   so whilst thats still a lot of the day there are long periods where you know you will not need to place a trade.

There was a trade in the made which made 5 pips (they closed 1/2 the trade for a 10 pip gain then the rest went to a break even stop loss) and in the afternoon a straightforward 30 pip gain.

The morning trade was unlucky as it just touched the break even stop loss before continuing down to the profit target. If you had left the trade as 30 pip profit & 30 pip stop loss you would have made 30 pips from it.  Very impressive so far.

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