Update on LS Trader

Having not had time to read the information provided by LS Trader i hadnt intended to begin trading LS Trader until next Monday. Couldnt wait to get started though, so entered the 5 trades which fell within my portfolio size.

All took around 20 minutes to get sorted on Monday morning after ringing IG Index to get all the commodities markets switched on. Theres also an interesting trick provided by LS Trader to get round the minimum bet size on IG which obviously reduces your liability and allows you to enter more trades.  Useful to know about for other services/systems.

You get a very impressive email from Robert of LS Trader each Sunday night which summarises the previous week and outlines his thoughts of where the markets are going for following week.

Anyway I checked my account Monday afternoon & it was £400 in credit! The thing about LS Trader is that you dont need to (and shouldnt) check your account otherwise you’re likely to make emotional decisions  –  which is exactly what i did. So I’m out of all the current trades and will start properly from Monday. Impressive ‘start’ though.

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