Another 24 pips & an early finish for Wealthbuilder

Nice end to the month and another early finish (about 9.20) for the 24 pip strategy. Its been a tough last week or so but overall the system has a great month on all levels. 24 pip has achieved 126 pips profit, trading until 12 has gained 195 pips and all day trading 181 pips.

For me the results mean i’ve made over 20% gain in my first month which i’m obviously happy with – beginning to wish i’d started this with a bigger bank!

New bank £603.68
New stake £1.32

The new markets for the strategy continue to perform well – eur/usd made 42 pips today and the usd/jpy 57 pips.

Taking everything into account this is a great performance from the system – long may it continue.

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