New System To Replace FX Pro Trade & Trade FX Plus

Unfortunately its been a tough 2 months for FX Pro Trade and, although they’ve just announced an additional system and money management system, i think i’ve given it a fair enough go now.

In total i’ve followed it for 4 months – November, December, January & February. December was a great month with 1858 pips profit but the other 3 months have been very poor so i’ve decided to stop trading with it & replace it in the portfolio with LS Trader.

If you know of LS Trader you’ll probably be aware that it made an incredible 1500% for its subscribers last year & this is already 25% up. This is more in line with their published expectations of 150% profit per year & they readily admit that last year was an exceptional year.

They feel that it has been a ‘difficult start to the year’ & feel that settled trends are starting to appear in the markets now – if 25% in 2 months is a ‘difficult period’ this could be very interesting.

Theres not much actual work involved – email received Sunday evening advising you which new trades to enter (depends on size of your bank how many markets you will trade), which trades to exit & to moves stops if appropriate. Everything takes about 15 monutes and your done for the week.  I’ll update how i’m getting on every Monday

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