9 pips for Wealthbuilder

Apologies for last nights errors  – looks like through my massive incompetence i managed to get 2 winning trades whereas following the rules correctly should have been a 45 pip losing day.  I’ve adjusted the running total so we’re working to what SHOULD have been achieved rather than what i did. Thanks to the guys who contacted me to point out the errors.

Neil is also recording the results of using Wealthbuilder on the USD/JPY & EUR/USD forex markets. The EUR/USD has recorded 10 winning trades on the bounce & USD/JPY had 5 winning trades yesterday but had a more mixed day today It was a noticeably volatile more market on the USD/JPY to day so trading may have been avoided altogether. Overall sounds promising and i’ll continue to report on how these new trades pan out.

New bank £540.32
New stake £1.32

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