Nice start to week for Wealthbuilder 2

Quick update on this trading strategy.  Last week was a little ahead overall. This week has started well with the ’24’ pip strategy (where you just trade the 1st 3 signals) reaching the 24 pip target after 2 trades. Trading all day would have gained 45 pips.

Today 1st trade was a 15 pip loser followed by 2 12 pip winners so 9 pips up overall on the 24 pip strategy.  Think this is the authors preferred trading method now – it was certainly the most profitable in January -about 120 pips up overall & nearly always finished one way or another by dinner time.

The author seemed slightly disappointed with Januarys performance & is hoping for improvement in Feb. Having said that if you can get up to trading @ £10 per pip £1200 for trading 9-12 isnt bad.

I’m going to trade the 24 pip strategy starting from next Monday.

Just to finish off todays report on this service – trading all day would have resulted in a loss of 39 pips whilst the ’24’ pip, 3 trade strategy resulted in 9 pips gain.

I like this system a lot – especially the 3 trade 24 pip strategy.  The authors only been looking at this particular method for a couple of mths but it seems to be the most profitable overall, whilst taking up the least time.

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