Tough month for FX Pro Trade

FX Pro Trade are currently 977 pips down for January and I’ve got to say their trading leaves you in a bit of a dilemma.  Last week for example I got up & looked at a trade which was about 200 pips in profit – the actual profit target was 300.

What do you do? 250 pips is a lot for me – anyone probably so i took the profit. The trade carried on for a bit further but then did a u-turn eventually hitting the stop loss. So my results compared to theirs differ by 500 pips.

Now in the long term staying in ALL the trades may be more profitable but the same thing happend this morning – 150 pips up with a profit target of 211 so i took the profit – the trade is now 200 pips down. Hopefully it will turn around for them.

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