Wealthbuilder 2

For the next month or so i’m going to be having a look at a system from a guy called Neil Leitch. The system is ‘Wealthbuilder 2’ and claims to have a fantastically high strike rate trading the FTSE 100 for 12 pip ‘scalps’.

One of the main attractions of this system is that Neil sends an email each night summarising the days trades, which¬† should help the user pick the system up quickly and also keeps you in contact with the seller. In the past i’ve bought the system and thats it -& then given the impression that if you’re losing you must be doing something wrong.

Cost is £247 but there is a 30 day money back guarantee which, in my experience, is rock solid with the publishing company Canonbury.

I’ve had some rubbish off them before but i’ve had a quick back test of it & i have to say it looks promising. We’ll see how it goes.

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