Weekly summary

Think its a good idea at the weekend to take stock of what happend with the services in the previous week so i’m going to do this every Sunday.

Winning Dow Signals continued the great run they’ve been on ever since i subscribed at the beginning of November. Just the one trade but when its a 380 pip winner you dont really need too many.

Weekly pips   +380
Running total +380

FX Pro Trade had an up & down week 114 pip winner monday, couple of big losses then 214 pips gain on Friday. They had such a brilliant December with close to 2000 pips gain you kind of expect there to be a downturn this month – hopefully not though.

Weekly pips     -200
Running total  – 200

Trade Fx Plus finished the week in negavite territory.  By the time i’d got my mobile number registered properly with them they were 42 pips in proft for the week.  A bad day on Friday left them 82 pips down for the week.

Weekly pip     -82
Running total -82

So overall not a great start but, to be honest, we really only need to find 1 or 2 successful services in the long term so as long as we achieve that the losses will have been worth it. Speak to you next week.

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