Growth at nearly 10% With PipMakers

No dramas at all with PipMakers so far – really smooth this week with barely any drawdown at all.  It was a US Bank Holiday on Monday which might have caused some issues but their EA navigated it easily enough.

Planning to withdraw profit when it reaches £250 and repeat that until get 100% of deposit out. Will just be nice to feel risk free even though PipMakers do have solid looking risk management in place.

Another impressive aspect of the service is their patience with the most basic, repetitive queries – customer service is very good.

Site is

Heres their myfxbook link

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Pipmakers – Currently @ 8.4% Growth

Nice, steady growth with Pipmakers – currently @ 8.4% increase in my balance. In effect its been only 5 days so far.   Biggest drawdown has been close to 5% on one occasion & everything else has been less than 1% max so no drama’s at all.

The trading entries are based on price action which was good to hear – basically means that its based on common sense. & the EA itself adds to existing positions in a similar way that AFT’s did/does.  The guys monitor the 2 markets they use constantly and switch the EA off when they deem it necessary – ie today one of the markets reached a resistance level so it was turned off.

Very impressed with the safety management aspect of the service – long may the returns continue.

Site is

Heres their myfxbook link

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Pipmakers Managed Account Service Review

I started with Pipmakers this week – nice start for me with a gain of 4% in just 2 working days.

I’ve been following them since the middle of October on Telegram so can verify they’re genuine.   Liking the level of risk management I’ve seen so far – out of all trades by the end of Thursdays trading & this week closed the EA down on Wednesday due to it being NFP week. At that stage we were 3.9% up.

Heres their myfxbook link

Please let me know @ if you join or if you need any more information.

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8 months in with Arbistar

Almost 8 months in with Arbistar now and they just keep paying out and haven’t missed a beat since I started with them.  Have to be honest and say I expected less from these guys in terms of longevity than any of the other companies I invested with and it turns out these are the most solid and most professional of the lot.

My overall balance with them has grown to about £1100 – pretty happy with that from the initial deposits of about £400. Continues to pay out daily and weekly so couldn’t be happier with these guys –  more info here
Click here for more info/sign up

Arbistar have also taken further steps to ensure they’re compliant with trading laws worldwide which has meant they’ve had to exclude existing members from the USA.  Obviously that’s to their own detriment but  it does demonstrate that they’re ensuring they  make as sure as possible they’re as regulated as possible.

They’ve also introduced stricter KYC requirements now so it does look as if they’re planning for the long term which is very encouraging.

They’re widely accepted as being the most reliable of all opportunities out there currently so, again, definitely recommend people take a look at least. More info here
Click here for more info/sign up

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Arbistar Just Keeps Paying Out

Been with Arbistar for about 6 months now and they’ve never missed a beat when its come to payouts – every Saturday £35’ish.   Bitcoin has been steady (for Bitcoin) between £5750 & £7500 for past few months and is currently on a bit of a bull run @ £7000 ish.

That’s obviously a good thing but the money is made on the arbitrage trading so its just a bonus that the value of what we make is increasing.   They’ve been around for over a year now & continue to grow so definitely in my top 3 investments for 2019 so far.

Click here for more info/sign up

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Impressed with the RPL Trading Trial

RPL Trading 2 week trial finished couple of days ago.  Was quite impressed with the service and the results.

Percentage wise I made nearly 18% without getting into a couple of big winners – you have to bear in mind though this was with what was left after the TTP disaster ie £39.69.

I used 0.01 lot sizes, which is the minimum possible on my account and, obviously, on a balance that size the leverage is way out.  Having said that though this isn’t an EA – its 4 traders , apparently in difference parts of the world, so there will be trade management rather ever increasing trade / drawdown size.

I missed a couple of the trades because they came too early in the morning for me – 7am ish but there is the option to add a bot to their Telegram channel which auto places the trades. They’ve got this on a deal @$30 pm so with the £50 pm RPL charge the whole outlay is about £73 pm.

The website is    – theres a myfxbook page here

apparently the drawdown on the myfxbook page is a bit misleading because it includes ‘risky’ trades taken by one of the traders which weren’t included in the actual broadcast signals.   Looking at that they’ve done nearly 7% today – suppose it shows bit money to be made if you’re ‘brave’ enough to trade NFP day.

Doesn’t appear theres a minimum trading requirement on this which makes sense because you’re paying a fixed fee so doesn’t matter to the traders how much you’re in with.

Definitely will consider this but may well watch the myfxbook page for a month before jumping in.

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Nial Fullers Learn To Trade The Market – Price Action Course

This is something I should have taken years ago.  Nial Fuller is one of the most successful Price Action traders in the world and has been providing free educational content about this trading method online since about 2008.  He won the $1 Million Dollar challenge in 2016 – turning $1 Million into $3 million in a couple of months using the methods he teaches in his course.

I actually approached him 8/9 years ago & offered to review his course for a free copy/membership.  He basically said there was no point as the readers of my blog wouldn’t have the mindset for his methods as they’d only be interested in short term signals and systems.

Maybe a bit harsh but he probably had a point – he trades the higher time frames, mainly daily & 4hr so the trading is pretty stress free and can be managed once a day.

The course covers all the price action set ups he uses and goes into great depth into every other aspect of his trading approach – money management, psychology, daily routine etc but most reviews I’ve seen have picked the the forum as the best part of it.  You get lifetime membership to it and its where Nial plus a lot of other members discuss the days potential set ups.

Anyway after last weeks disaster I thought it’d be a good idea to maybe teach myself how to actually trade for myself.  So the plan is;
buy the course $297
learn the course content – few weeks
demo trade for 6 months
start live trading & set up some kind of free Telegram channel community for trade set up ideas etc.

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RPL Trading – Short Free Trial For Promising Signal Service

So some good may come of the TTP debacle.  Been made aware of a signal service which has been running for a month or so with promising results.

Its a group of 4 traders – one of whom i’m aware of from the AFT channel who has set the service up.   Gone ok so far – free trial is until 1st November.

There is some commentary on the signals & it does look like the traders are making decisions on price action indicators.   Messages are given via Telegram so will flash up on your phone with stop loss and take profit figures – good money management in place with at least 1:1  profit / loss ratio on the trade.

you just need to join the telegram channel here to automatically start receiving the trades.  worthwhile just to check them out – you don’t need to follow the outcome yourself as they will update the trades win or lose with further messages.

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Couple of people warned me about TTP at the weekend but, unfortunately, I took a gamble that a couple more trades would see me to 100% gain & i’d withdraw capital and be risk free.  Got to 78% & the service took 4 sell trades on GBP/JPY when , even I could see, that wasn’t the way the market was trending.

Cue massive spikes the price and 48hrs of pain until the account was stuck on a life support machine in the shape of 2 buy trades which just prolonged the inevitable.

Went from £1788 to £38 in 48 hrs & apologies to anyone who got involved and has lost money.

There were 300-400 people in the group on Telegram with a lot of people looking to take legal action against TTP due to the claims that there a trader with 20 years experience making the trades – this clearly wasn’t the case and was, apparently, admitted in the Zoom call on Tuesday.  The disclaimer and terms & conditions were based on this so it was claimed they were made.

There is talk of a trading account being set up as a gesture of goodwill to recover members losses – I have a feeling that might just be absolute bollocks and possibly designed to delay/put off any legal action.

Anyway on Tuesday night I’d given up on Forex completely and was ready to close this site down and tonight i’m in some other Telegram groups full of hope and believing in the Holy Grail again!!

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Growth With TTP Now At 56%+in 10 Working Days.

Another 4% yesterday with a quick scalp and then a longer set of trades which had a bit of drawdown but were then closed comfortably before the close last night.

Think there a lot of people of the TTP Telegram group who are taking these kind of numbers for granted but after having been involved in Forex services for years I’m amazed every day at the performance of this one.

The admin guys have had issues but, as is often the case, they didn’t realise the demand there would be and have been amazingly patient with getting asked the same questions over and over & getting chased by people desperate to get in.

There aren’t any guarantees of future earning with Forex from past results obviously & i’m sure theres going to be bumps in the road but , if you look at the FX Blue link below you can see its recorded 45 out of 45 winning trades with a 132% growth in the master account.

This service can be started with just £200 so if that’s an amount you can afford to lose (obviously it preferable if you don’t) then I highly recommend having a look at this.

This is the pre-joining Telegram group which is a good place to get some more info or ask any questions you may have.  Its a bit frenetic at the moment because theres aa backlog with registrations

Contact me by all means as well

The website is now open again for registration here

Heres the link to the FX Blue page which records the performance of the official master TTP account independently.

Trades 11 10 2019 

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