Pipmakers update

Another long overdue update re Pipmakers.  Still going well – the original EA was making slow but steady progress but the developers werent happy about the profit levels they were achieving for members after fees were taken out so they released a ‘High Risk’ version which i’ve been with since beginning of November and the results have been outstanding ever since. For example in January I made 13% and they began trading on the 12th.

They’ve now released their ‘Extreme’ EA which has made 173% since the middle of December. That launches tomorrow so i’ll do regular updates of both the High Risk & the Extreme.

Myfxbook link here

heres the general chat link for more info but if you do decide to go ahead just email me here paul15563@gmail.com


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If you’re with Arbistar or were with Arbistar should i say, you’ll know that there has been no payouts since September and we’ve been fed a stream of apologies and promises ever since. The last one said that full payments for members with less than 1BTC will commence in February.

Dont expect this will happen for one moment & , whilst i’m not personally going down this route yet, thought some people might need to be aware of a class action thats been made against them. Details are here; its in English.

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PipMakers just continuing to make steady profits – now tweaked for even bigger profits.

Not done an update for a while about PipMakers but, to be honest, nothing has changed. They’re making steady profits without any drawdown worth mentioning.

Having said that the guys at PM are wanting to make more returns for their subscribers so have tweaked the EA so that it has a semi-hedging approach. Been going for a couple of weeks on just one pair and, so far, has maintained the very low drawdown with increased profits. The plan is to add another pair very soon which will mean a real increase in profits.

Again i can only highly reccommend getting involved in this – low starting balance of £1000 needed and they look like they’re entering an even more exciting & profitable period.

If you need ay more info please email me @ paul15563@gmail.com


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Solid Couple of Weeks With Pip Makers – Around 40% Profit Now

Change in approach from Pip Makers after a loss of about 3.5% last week. We were stuck in a trade for a while and it was decided that getting out of it & moving on was the best policy. And so Is has proven as the price of the pair stayed where it was and we’ve made some good profits since.

The new approach is more of a scalping system – 4/5 pips target so theres a lot more action and even more risk averse approach. There wasn’t a great deal of profit in April and for that reason the guys who run PipMakers waived the monthly % commission fee which was a great gesture.

Definitely something I recommend looking at.


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If you are already a member its vital that you change your password as there is believed to have been a security breach.


The system itself is performing as it has for me for over 12 months – with the bonus being that the Bitcoin price has enjoyed the surge I was talking about in the last update. Currently sitting at around $8700 which will be reflected in my weekly payouts and overall balance.

Click here for more info/sign up

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Continued weekly payments with Arbistar.

Arbsitar continuing to payout weekly & Bitcoin price maintaining its position around $7000. Few weeks to the halving which, as we’ve said before, usually pushes the price up over the following few months.

Theres a lot of new stuff going on with Arbistar – new services and products. I doubt i’ll be getting involved with any of them to be honest but I think its significant for the longevity of the service so all looks good to me & a surge in Bitcoin price will be the cherry on the cake.

Click here for more info/sign up

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Profit now at 36.6% with PipMakers

Usual cautious, calculated trading with PipMakers over the past month or so and now standing at 36.6% profit.

Currently in a 13% drawdown trade which is really dragging on. First buy was placed on 6th April so we’ll have been in it 2 weeks on Monday. Not easy markets though for anyone currently but hopefully out sometime next week.

More info for prospective new members at the Telegram channel below


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New Service – PipsMaster

Came across a new service last week whilst scanning an ‘opportunity’ Telegram channel.

Service is free & its exclusively on Telegram which, for those that don’t use it, is basically a chat app which can be set to send trade alerts to you amongst other things.

The service is free although they do offer a VIP service. The history of the service is available on their Telegram chat which basically means that you can scroll back through the channel from when they launched it to check the trades they gave out. It was launched 18 months ago and has an 85% win rate.

I used it last week – had 4 winning trades out of 4 for about 40 pips each. Fridays trade was also a winner but I missed the entry by about 5 pips so placed an order to enter when it retraced but it never did so should have just gone in when I could.

The VIP service is also free but requires you to open a BD Swiss account using their link and deposit $250 – I suppose some people will use that BD Swiss account but, as its not a trade copier service, I don’t see how they can ensure you are using it.

Link to their Telegram channel is here https://t.me/pipsmaster10 – Telegram also works on PC/Laptop main benefit is trade alerts on your mobile

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Bitcoin hanging in there but – Arbistar pay like clockwork.

Another £35 received on Saturday as per usual. Bitcoin recovered a bit last week but opened about $1000 lower last night. Still lot of talk about it being a ‘safe haven’ at some point when its expected to take but looks as likely to go lower as higher. still making money with mine via Arbistar though so all good.

received some info that the ‘community bot’ which i’m part of is closing to new deposits and subscribers in a ‘few months’. think they want to move new customers to the personal bot in the future – this means that whatever you have in the personal bot at the time of the closure will be what you’ll be paid out on – no more compounding. anything over a certain level will be auto paid out to you. don’t think its going to affect me too much but if you’re sat on the fence and not a member yet it might be worth bearing in mind

Click here for more info/sign up


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PipMakers Still Out Of These Crazy Markets

No trading this week from the guys @ PipMakers – suppose it would be easy for them to jump back in because that’s how they make their money but they announced this week that because they have a lot of money invested with them they couldn’t justify it.

They have been live testing another EA over the past few weeks though & , even in these crazy conditions, its done very well – up 7% since Tuesday. They’ve asked if people are happy to let this EA trade for them from Monday & I’ve opted in, like most of the current members so lets see where that goes

Just to clarify – this is a trade copier service. Once you’ve funded the account and linked it to their copier your input is nil. More info here https://pipmakers.co.uk/

If you’ve got the Telegram app you can get more info on the potential members channel – all questions answered quickly and politely by the guys running the service.

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