Arbistar Going From Strength to Strength

Continued growth with Arbistar again this week – slight drop in the price of Bitcoin but the arbitrage trading gains have been added to my balance this morning so we continue to grow the account.

Great to hear from the subscribers to the blog who’ve also joined Arbistar and are looking forward to continued passive income or passive account growth for the future. Not sure I’ve mentioned that before but it is optional wether you leave your money in there to compound or take out your weekly payments.

My balance is relatively small but the weekly payments are up to £18 per week and growing each week.

A lot of developments this week – the release of the ‘Personal Bot’ (out of my league at 5000 euros for 2 year licence) , some teasers of new products to be released later in the year (dont know anything more about them) and also discussion of Arbistar 3.0 which apparently will improve efficiency of the service & performance of the community bot.

A good source for information about the Arbistar opportunity is youtube – the link is below. mainly in either spanish or english.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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Arbistar 2.0 Review Update.

Currently able to draw out about £320 from my Arbistar account – initial deposit was £190’ish at the end of May so pretty good going. Total balance is £465 but you have to leave your weekly payouts in your account for 60 days before they become available to withdraw.

Just want to stress this isn’t reliant on recruitment – a few people have joined via this blog but i’m currently getting about 60p a day in commission from them so wether you introduce others to the opportunity or not isn’t going to affect your growth too much.

Will probably leave it in to compound for a few months now and draw my initial balance out then although £190 isn’t really going to change my life in my bank account so may just leave it in there.

The ‘Personal Bot’ has been released this week – haven’t really taken much notice of that because it costs $5000 for a 24 months licence. This has been months in development and I can see that it was being talked about being released in February.

I suppose that’s another good sign of the developers desire to get things functioning properly before release rather than just getting the money in and then ironing out the creases in the software later.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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Arbistar 2.0 Update

Still very impressed with Arbistar and definitely considering adding more funds to my account. To be honest the current balance is what was in my Coinbase account which i’d totally forgotten about so it’s all a bonus anyway. Feel the ways its going I should add more though.

They’ve released an app for Android phones and are close to releasing one for iphones as well which I think is a sign of their intention to be around for a long time. They’re also close to releasing what they call a ‘personal bot’ – this is a version of the arbitrage trading software that’s yours on an annual licence which I believe is $2000.

Obviously that’s serious money but apparently the testing of it (of which there are videos available) demonstrates that its actually good value.

My moneys currently working for me through the ‘community’ bot and its going nice and steadily with a payout every Saturday.

I do highly recommend this one – the guys behind it appear very serious, there are daily updates and, like I said before, I think this is going to be an opportunity thats going to be around for a long time.

Pretty straightforward to get involved – you just need to by some Bitcoin (minimum 300 euros now) through Coinbase for example , register with them & transfer into your account. Your funds will show up and start working for you the Saturday after you deposit.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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Arbistar 2.0 – account steadily growing

Not much to report from Arbistar other than its paying out as advertised and the company appears to be expanding rapidly. There appears to be an effort from them to show they are legally compliant in all the countries they have begun to operate in which is reassuring.

They have stressed that pretty soon they’re going to close membership as the levels are unsustainable past a certain point & at that point existing members wont be able to add any more funds to their account. This means that compounding will stop and you will then continue to receive a set weekly payout on the balance you have – so basically members need to decide wether they’re happy with what there at the moment or if they want to invest more for a bigger regular payout.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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Each Way Sniper has been around for a few years and is well known to be a profitable horse racing strategy – problem has always been for most people is that it requires you to be able to placed the bets during the day which rules most people out.

Big news then that Mike Cruickshank has developed software that does everything for you – all you need to do is add funds to some or all of the reccomended bookies and the bets are selected and placed for you whilst you’re working or getting on with your life.

I’ve installed it and it is straightforward and has made me a few quid already over the last 2 days. You can choose the stakes you’re comfortable with – bearing in mind that it can place 10-30 bets per day – I’ve gone for £1 to start with to monitor it.

You can buy the software for a year or pay monthly – I’ve gone monthly £30 & it looks like I should get that back over the next couple of days.

Highly recommend this – the marketing says its only going to be up for the next 6 days & from experience Mike is usually true to his word about taking stuff down so highly recommend having a look at this asap.


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SDFX – account management service

Just wanted to recommend this service to people as its worked out very well for me so far.

Its run by a guy called Steve Dixon who’s a friend of a friend kind and its a ‘copier service’ (don’t know what your experience of FX or trading is but basically means that your broker ac is linked to his and takes all the trades his does but you have total control of your money).   don’t really well so far – up about 38% in 4/5 weeks. 

If you’re interested the easiest way to get started would be to contact Steve on his Facebook page – SDFX Trading

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Finished with AFT

Finished now with AFT – few reasons;

Been owed commission for 5 months

Removal of chat forums when questions get a little ‘uncomfortable’ on the basis that the same questions were being asked & ‘some people were ruining it for others’. Even the partners forum was removed. Communication only 1 way now – apart from emails which only seemed to get answered when you made a fuss in the telegram forum.

No evidence or even discussion of hedging which has always been a big selling point of the service due to the type of EA it is – a Martingale variant – which means that the stakes increase as the price of the pair goes in the opposite direction to your trade. The obvious potential is that eventually a trade will come along and blow the account.

Might not happen for years and, to be fair, they are up 275% since starting last August. My account has grown by well in excess of 100% so its worked up until now for me but with obvious potential to lose everything and attitude of the guys running AFT I’ve decided i’m out.

I’ve got a few other things which are working well and i’ll keep updating the blog with – only 1 of them has any affiliate system linked to it so you know, as always, my reviews will be honest and put the performance of the service i’m reviewing ahead of how recruiting will benefit me.

If you want any details of the services just email me @ – I have reviewed them elsewhere in the blog anyway

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Arbistar 2.0 Update – Balance now £412 from £190 initial investment

Arbsitar 2.0 is going really well as per my last update. Balance is currently £412 from the initial investment of £190.

This has obviously been helped by the increase in value of Bitcoin over the past few weeks – your initial ‘contribution’ is in the form of Bitcoin plus the daily payouts are also in Bitcoin, so all of those have benefitted from the rise.

The question of what Bitcoin can potentially rise to is again a hot topic but, similarly, to 2017 when it got to $20,000 people are talking about the possibility of $100k. The majority are talking in the shorter term of it going back to close to $20k which will suit us fine.

Fortunately with Arbistar that’s just a secondary bonus because the core income generation is done through the arbitrage trades so , even if the price comes down again, the profits will still be coming through.

Let me know if you need any more info @ or click here for more info / sign up page

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Arbistar 2.0 Update

So just finished my second week with Arbistar and very impressed so far. Just short of 5% growth this week – 4% last week so going exactly as advertised ie very well.

As I said last week this service makes profit from difference in prices of cryptocurrency between different exchanges – loads of videos on the Arbistar website showing this live, in action.

Basically its;
100% hands free
100% passive income
low start up – can set account up with 100 euros

Payday is tomorrow – probably be more than last week but i’ll update early next week. Probably be adding more funds asap.

All in all they’re offering a great potential return for a small investment – more info here

Theres a useful video that explains the process here –

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New Service – Arbistar

This is a company I had recommended to me which I initially wrote off due to some online negativity. Had it recommended to me again by someone who has put me onto some good things in the past so I decided to have a look.

You make a minimum ‘contribution’ of 100 euros into your account – this contribution is tied up for maximum of 60 days after which you can withdraw it in full should you choose to. This balance generates profit from ‘arbitrage’ opportunities in the cryptocurrency exchanges – basically the price of Bitcoin for example is different enough from one exchange to another to allow it to be bought and then sold for a profit.

Percentage gains are about .75% a day & its for 30 days a months ie including weekends. You fund your account in Bitcoin via Bitpay – all very straightforward and you can choose to either reinvest your weekly payment or have in automatically paid into your Bitpay account.

First week ended today and received my profit of about £7.70 worth of Bitcoin on £190 balance which is about 4% for the week.

Great potential return for a small investment – more info here

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